Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wanna laugh?

This photo was taken for the newspaper this past summer at a park where geese run rampent. I was taking pics and all of a sudden a city worker comes bounding up in his pickup and starts "chasing" the geese families towards the water. It was a bit shocking and I started snapping, thinking something wrong was being done. Apparently, though, the geese are such pests to people in the park that they are herded into the water a few times a day.

These goslings are what was left after the mama's and papa's jumped in. They were honking for the little ones to jump in and they all stood very terrified. I just put the camera on continuous mode and shot. They eventually all jumped in.

While looking at my photos that night I found this one and I honestly laughed so hard I cried. There is something so damn funny about him. Maybe it's the idea that he might have slipped on a banana peel .. maybe it's the goslings in the back looking over each other's shoulders to see what the hell "earl has done now"..

It is, strangely enough, my most popular photo ever taken. In the newspaper as well as online. I have found it in blogs in Russia, as well as Japan, crazy uber-teen blogs, etc.

People have asked me to sell it but it's not very sharp, really - not like it should be. I am entering it in the Associated Press awards contest in a few days. Who knows, maybe technicality isn't everything?

Enjoy.. laugh.. and tell me what you think the title should be!


P.S. I realized that I sometimes want to post photos that I do for things other than fine art in my blog. I mean, isn't that what a blog is for? To learn about someone?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tagged for Life

I've been tagged by Theresa's Treasures and I'm going to continue the game :)

Each blogger has to reveal 7(8 according to some) random facts about his or herself.
People who are tagged have to post the rules.
At the end, I have to choose 7(or 8) people to tag.
I then need to leave a comment for each person who has been tagged, telling them that they are "it".
The "taggee" needs to then leave a comment for the person who tagged them to read your list.

Here are my random facts about me:

1) I'm a huge football fan (U.S.) and try to go to at least one NFL game a year.

2) My name is jude and I'm a reality tv show junkie. My favs are Top Chef, Project Runway, The Biggest Loser, and, of course, Survivor. I hate the ones where they fight all the time i.e. I Love New York, Charm School, Tool Academy (brand new one where boyfriends who treat their women crappy are declared "tools"), but I've been known to watch them anyway. Favorite line from a reality show? Tool Academy's elimination proclaimation: "I'm sorry, you've been eliminated. You're JUST a tool."

3) My grandchildren do NOT call me Grandma, under penalty of death. I'm "Meema" not to be confused with MeeMAW (lord have mercy). Actually, I wanted to be Nana with my first grandson but his other grandmother picked that name (grrr). I capitulated and became "Grandma." When he started to talk he couldn't say Grandma and Meema was born - which suits me fine :)

4) I went to an all-girls Catholic academy for high school. "That explains a lot" comes from many people who find out about that. :S

5) I didn't go to college until I was 30 and my husband applied for a Pell Grant FOR me. When my application got accepted he told me I was going to school the next September whether I liked it or not. I was terrifed having been a horrible student in high school, but it was the best thing I could have ever done. Even with 4 little kids I managed to be on the Dean's List every semester.

6) Twenty years ago, I was the Lifestyle Editor for a newspaper and won awards for my humorous columns. My kids were the subject most of the time - they alternately drove me nuts and made me laugh my ass off.

7) My husband and my "song" is "Someday Soon" by Judy Collins.

8) I really have no idea what I'm doing most of the time ... I'm not kidding.

Now, on to who I shall tag. I hope a few decide to play:

1) Almay Alday
2) ArtSnark
3) LB Accessories
4) Joy White
5) La Belle Savage Jewerly Design
6) Leigh (Create)
7) Burgandy
8) KrazyFashion

Friday, January 23, 2009

time to relax

I couldn't be happier that it's Friday. Time to relax and .. well, work on photos? Not exactly relaxing, but not running around desperately looking for news photos either. So, I'll take this cold, cold weekend and use it for creating what I love.

I've been working on trying to up my marketing. I took some advice from the etsy-wiki site where it a few ideas were suggested. One of them is Google's AdWords.. So far I've had 3 whole clicks. Ughhhhhhhh.. I just don't get it. I mean, isn't SUPPOSED to be true that artistic types aren't technical? no? just me?


I was trying to figure it out this afternoon at work (I was done with work... really) and a co-worker pulled up AdWords on her computer and within minutes had translated all the abbreviations and codes so I understood them. If I win the lottery tonight I promised to hire her to do all my technical translations. My best friend has already been marked to read all my camera manuals and explain them to me. He had to promise not to primal scream at me when I " don't get it" fast enough :)

I love this photo - I found the rose hanging upside down drying at a craft store where a friend worked a few years ago. I'd never bothered with it and found it on an old CD of photos the other day. I wanted to name it "Love is a Battlefield" but also didn't want Pat Benetar to come and sue me either. So, "Love - A Battlefield" was created.

I know that some people don't like images that aren't "pretty" in a normal way. I have no idea why I love decay and creepy, haunting images ... but I do.

Here's hoping others do, too.

Monday, January 19, 2009

limited edition

For years friends in the art world have been telling me to do limited editions of my work. I've sort of ignored that, thinking it would be difficult. Recently, though, I began numbering certain pieces of my work that I love. My love for said pieces make them difficult to let go of, at times, but I realized if I only did "so many" it might be less of a tugging at my heart.

Today I decided to list one of my limited editions on Etsy to expand the offer further than the galleries my work is featured in.

This one is called "Offering" and was taken at a local farmers market I go to during the summer. It was just sitting on a vendor's table - something their child had picked and put in a convenient styrofoam cup until they went home from the market. I think of days I picked flowers (dandelions!!) for my mother when I was a child, and also of my children handing me assorted weeds and flowers from their grubby, chubby little hands.

I miss those days .. I miss my children being children.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekend Sale in my Etsy Shop...

I've decided to have a little sale for the weekend to show a little lovin' - through Sunday, January 18th at midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time). Any purchase of $30 or more and the buyer gets a free 4x6 of their choice. I've uploaded a few new items this evening .. come take a look at my Etsy shop - judemcconkey

Here I go ...

Okay, this is my first time posting. I have no idea what I'm doing (maybe I'm supposed to pretend I do?) but am giving it a go anyhow.

My purpose to have a blog is to give anyone interested a glimpse into my daily life. There are many photos I take that aren't ever sold on Etsy or the galleries I have work in, or used at the newspaper. I love taking photos and, although I'm down from the 300+ daily I used to shoot when I started, I still am in constant lookout for something intriguing - or even just something normal but beautiful to me.

I do dabble in photoshop a lot - having been a painter in the past - and to me it's an embellishment to some photos I take. My work for the newspaper has to be untouched by photoshop (except to sharpen or lighten) and my need for "artsy" would starve to death if I didn't play a bit with the pieces I consider to be fine art.

My obsessions including vignetting, queen anne's lace, deserted buildings that are falling apart, creepy thing, and most of all, snowfall captured by the camera.

I also plan to feature people from the Etsy site I post my work on, and other photographers from great sites that I've had the pleasure of knowing.

Here's a photo I took during the sub-zero weather of this past week: -20 at 2 p.m. on a sunny day is a little crazy to me, but the hoarfrost on everything near water was really beautiful.

And I hope I can figure it all out ;)