Tuesday, February 24, 2009

down with the sickness...

God I love Disturbed..

BUT I'm being literal here - been sick for about a week. It is not fun in any way, shape or form. It takes a lot for me to go to a doctor but in I went and out I came with prescriptions in hand. Thank God they're finally working and my cough is just about gone.

just about ...

Reason #18 why I haven't blogged. :S

I'm finding that it's hard to get into the flow of blogging. It's not because I'm not a talker ... I'm a mouth and a half, for sure. I just like the sound of my voice better, I'm thinking (my husband would nod vigorously noting that I babble the entire drive to work at 6 a.m.).

I'm a fast typist so it's not the drudgery of typing. I think it's that no one will give a rats bottom what I talk about. And I suppose there's no guarantee, but I'll try.

I think a few times a week I'll feature Etsy shops or items that I like.. maybe a few I've bought from ... maybe some brand new discoveries, too.

Today I'll end with a photo I did recently that I absolutely love. I hope you do, too.