Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Showcase prep ...

Although I discovered early on that buying a showcase on Etsy didn't necessarily bring sales, I decided to buy a Spring Showers one for this Thursday, March 12th. The theme is about weddings and babies - anything to do with "showers."

I decided to list a few baby-related photos I have squirreled away. I love how sweet they are and how one can feel so different while viewing chubby little hands, and big, wide eyes.

Here are a few of my new listings:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

let me introduce you to my lil' friend ...

I fancy myself an adult - really, I do. But some of the "monsters" I've seen handmade on Etsy are so damn cute I have thought about collecting them. Actually, I do think they are more "adult" toys.

why does that sound dirty?

At any rate, I found my little friend Beckett in a wonderful shop by CreaturesNorthwest and fell in love so he traveled from Minnesota to my house this past week. I have to say he was even cuter in person. I keep picking him up and looking at him. According to his creator, Anne, "Beckett speaks only in binary code and fears aluminum foil."

My grandson came to spend the night and was just in love with him .. and he's 12 - what I deem to be the start of the "puke" stage before teendom - you know, when they're too cool to like baby stuff and are trying to assert their independance?

has many more cuties - from wild-eyed Steve who's hopped up on caffeine:

to Spitfire who has anxiety issues:

Now I'm off to watch The Amazing Race with my buddy ;)