Monday, May 25, 2009

of photographing weddings ...

Every year - May til about 0ctober - I do wedding photography. This type of gig is not for everyone, believe me. In fact, it's not really for me. Why?

I dislike it. I dread it. I fret over it.

And most of all, I don't want to hate photography because instead of doing what I want to do, I'm doing what others want.

Let me explain that better. I used to be a painter. It wasn't easy for me, but I was pretty good. I'd have people request that I paint things I had no idea how to paint. Needing the money, I'd try it and eventually give them what they wanted but not before breaking out in hives and feeling horrible.

I discovered photography and within a year or so decided never make the same mistake - I would only take photos of what I wanted. If someone wanted to purchase them - fantastic! If someone didn't like my style they could walk on by. It worked well for me.

I began to do wedding photography as a means of buying big ticket items (lenses, a new camera, getting the car fixed, etc.) I rememeber my father's warning (he had been a wedding photographer) about it being very hard work. I jumped in feet first and knew right away it wasn't something I'd ever do for a full time career. I am good at it.. in fact, the bridal couples I've shot have raved and recommended me to others.

I made a decision this past Fall after a very trying wedding where I lost everything off a 4G memory card (thank god it was recovered). I decided I would only do weddings the way I wanted to - photojournalistic style. Candids are my favorites and I think what I do best. When people inquire about my taking their wedding photos, I explain my style and add at the end of the response letter that "I know this style isn't for everyone. Thank you for considering me."

Yesterday was my last traditional wedding shoot (they had booked me 1 1/2 years in advance). I will say it was the most fun I've had shooting a wedding. Great people, beautiful wedding, and a whole lot of fun being had by all.

Here are a few shots that I've processed so far - I have over 600 do work on yet.

sigh ...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Solo Photo Book Month - SoFoBoMo begins

Through a friend I heard about this Solo Photo Book Month - - and decided to give it a try. I've been taking lots of photos, mind you, and they are good, mind you again, but they are the same genre and I'm TIRED of it all.

Okay, maybe not tired of it all, but totally ready to find something different to snap me out of a semi-photographer's block.

The theme/title I've chosen is "An Ordinary Hero". I'm a firm believer in "there's no such thing as a coincidence" and for a week now I've been relentlessly playing "There Goes My Hero" by the Foo Fighters. As I listen I imagine a montage or slideshow of heroes - but not necessarily the usual heroes that come to mind. I believe we see everyday heroes on a daily basis. And I believe being a hero doesn't always mean someone who saves a kitty from a burning house.

I believe they are people with the courage to live the life they have.

I almost changed the theme because I'm not sure I can find those photos easily.. but then I realized that was what a challenge was all about. And I'm making SoFoBoMo a challenge for myself.

The photo above won't be in the book because it was taken last Fall on Veterans' Day. But it is one of my favorite photos and I wanted to share it with you.