Saturday, January 17, 2009

Here I go ...

Okay, this is my first time posting. I have no idea what I'm doing (maybe I'm supposed to pretend I do?) but am giving it a go anyhow.

My purpose to have a blog is to give anyone interested a glimpse into my daily life. There are many photos I take that aren't ever sold on Etsy or the galleries I have work in, or used at the newspaper. I love taking photos and, although I'm down from the 300+ daily I used to shoot when I started, I still am in constant lookout for something intriguing - or even just something normal but beautiful to me.

I do dabble in photoshop a lot - having been a painter in the past - and to me it's an embellishment to some photos I take. My work for the newspaper has to be untouched by photoshop (except to sharpen or lighten) and my need for "artsy" would starve to death if I didn't play a bit with the pieces I consider to be fine art.

My obsessions including vignetting, queen anne's lace, deserted buildings that are falling apart, creepy thing, and most of all, snowfall captured by the camera.

I also plan to feature people from the Etsy site I post my work on, and other photographers from great sites that I've had the pleasure of knowing.

Here's a photo I took during the sub-zero weather of this past week: -20 at 2 p.m. on a sunny day is a little crazy to me, but the hoarfrost on everything near water was really beautiful.

And I hope I can figure it all out ;)


Joy White said...

Great post and awesome photos!

jqlinesocuteithurts said...

I love that photo! This is such a great 1st post! I really enjoy reading it. Your very in love with the photos in your shop. Have a great weekend!

La Belle Savage jewelry design said...

that photo is incredible

ArtSnark said...

great image