Monday, January 19, 2009

limited edition

For years friends in the art world have been telling me to do limited editions of my work. I've sort of ignored that, thinking it would be difficult. Recently, though, I began numbering certain pieces of my work that I love. My love for said pieces make them difficult to let go of, at times, but I realized if I only did "so many" it might be less of a tugging at my heart.

Today I decided to list one of my limited editions on Etsy to expand the offer further than the galleries my work is featured in.

This one is called "Offering" and was taken at a local farmers market I go to during the summer. It was just sitting on a vendor's table - something their child had picked and put in a convenient styrofoam cup until they went home from the market. I think of days I picked flowers (dandelions!!) for my mother when I was a child, and also of my children handing me assorted weeds and flowers from their grubby, chubby little hands.

I miss those days .. I miss my children being children.


Almay Alday said...

Love your limited edition photo! Beautiful work!

ArtSnark said...

Another great piece- very soothing

tstreasures said...

Sometimes a photo that is so simple can be so amazing. I also would like to say that you have been "tagged", stop by and find out about it.

LB Accessories said...

wow that photo is beautiful, amazing work!

Josh Jones said...

beautiful work!