Tuesday, February 26, 2013


One of those nights/early mornings.. up at 4 a.m. dead tired yet unable to sleep.. I want coffee but have given myself only a little on the weekends (cuz I load it up with bad stuff and won't drink it any other way).. therefore, once a week will have to do.

I keep having dreams - not necessarily when I'm sleeping. Dreaming of shows coming up, particularly a few of the new ones.. Dreaming of a new style of photo jewelry I want to make... And most of all, dreaming of Spring.

I feel like such a prisoner in the Winter. I know it's mostly self-imposed, but I really don't just jump in the car and go anywhere this time of year - even to take photographs. There is snow to ponder, and crazy drivers IN that snow to avoid, and ... well .. it's damned cold outside. 

So on I dream.. three to four more weeks of this and we'll be on the downhill slide. Sometimes when the sun is shining and I don't look outside, I can feel Spring in the air. Here's to grass, and flowers, and walking the dog without whining (me, not the dog)..


"Spring Mix"


"Tracking Snow"

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lostsentiments said...

Love your photos Jude :) ...and your use of them to illustrate! :D

I enjoy the fall/winter to a point - I love having a reason to be cozy inside. When I catch a smell of winter in the air full of promise of snow... it makes me think of Christmas! :) Though the snow has lost a bit of its magic since childhood now that I have to drive to work in it, I still love to watch the huge flakes fall and I must say there is nothing more beautiful than a winter tree, barren and covered in ice. ♥

♥ your posts lady!