Monday, February 18, 2013

Testing the Tortilla

Oh, it's been a very long time since I've blogged.. but I'm going to try to do it more in 2013 .. of course, as we all know, it's already the middle of February and I'm just starting :O

Photography wise, I've been trying to take/work on a photograph a day, if possible.. or at least 5 a week. It's what I truly love to do and I think I was letting it slide a little since I began creating wearable art - photo jewelry - which is much more time consuming (but doesn't really hold my heart).

Another thing I began doing at the beginning of the year was juicing combined with cutting out sugar and processed food. And, while it's time consuming, I feel so much better than I did and had the added bonus of losing weight, too.

In my travels along health's highway, I've found some recipes that looked scrumptious and tasted something off the bottom of a shoe. My husband and I have this "signal" for new food I make. It goes like this:

"so honey, how do you like it?"
"um, it's fine."
"fine, you say? but do you like it?
"well, it's okay."
(secret phrase) ---> "Would you like me to make it again?"
"no, um, no thank you"

I've heard some of this but not too much any more because I try (oy, do I try) to make it similar to foods he likes, with a healthy twist. His concession to eating better was 1 bag of potato chips, a six pack of beer, and 1 bottle of diet soda on the weekend. It was the best negotiation I could get.

I shop once a week for the organic food - which this town does NOT have a lot of. I bake bread about every other day - haven't bought a loaf for 1.5 months. Make my own peanut butter now by shelling roasted peanuts and using a food processor until I'm sure it will burst into flames. I add a touch of salt and a little honey. It's divine and much more peanuty.. and my husband eats it too fast.

Note to self.. make hubby shell peanuts for next batch.

So today I made whole wheat tortillas for the first time. So easy I was a little surprised. The recipe I found was for 8 but you could double it, etc. and freeze some. Five ingredients is all it consists of: whole wheat flour, oil, salt, baking soda and water. You can also make it with half whole wheat and half white flour if you want.

I took blurry pics with my iphone and forgot to start doing it until I had already started to divide the dough into 8 balls. Here are the photos:

sectioning the dough into 8 balls

rolling out thin
un-greased frying pan - weird shapes
plate o' tortillas

Here's the recipe:

Tonight we'll have these with some shredded chicken and some tex mex black bean dip (spread on the tortillas)..

damn I'm hungry..


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