Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Early photography .. things I've learned..

I've learned a lot since I started taking photographs almost 10 years ago.. and one of the worst things I ever did was to process my photographs small to put on a website I was on.. then ditch the originals..


Yes..I did that when I went to the UK and France with a friend.. and now I don't even have those photographs.. so sad. So today I'm going to present you with my small array of photos from England, Scotland, and Paris.

and weep silently into my pillow while you take a look..

From Cambridge (loved it as much as I disliked London):

From Paris (only there 24 hours but loved it):

 From Scotland.. my favorite:

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Claudia Willison said...

So funny, Jude. I, too, did not like London at all, but much preferred the smaller English towns. And I loved Scotland, although if I had to make a choice - my favorite is Wales ;)Too bad about your lost photo, I know the feeling. I could still kick my b... for throwing away all my negatives from my film days when I went digital - sigh.